Thursday, March 28, 2013

Generation 1 Bloopers Collected

Congrats! You've managed to find the Sixkillers new Blooper Page!

Generation 1 Bloopers, Outtakes, Trivia and Commentary:

There will be occassions where I post something here that corresponds to the current chapter. This is your warning: This may contain spoilers if you are not current in the story!

The fabled two headed horse of one mind!

Graphical glitch around town. This particular sim no longer exists in town. She was Creeeeeeepyyyyyyy. Also, incidentally, that's baby Anthony.

This was their first night as a "family." I had used the group-up interaction to get them to go all over together without my having to manually direct them both.

Buck is blissfully ignorant of Helen's true intentions.
BTW, she did this the first night ONLY.

I was all afraid I was going to end up with problems earlier than I wanted them in the story. Thankfully, she went with my plans for her much more easily that I though. Too easily...
Buck, however, is a little upset that I won't let him act on his romantic wishes toward Helen. Really though? They couldn't stand each other for about a sim week. I was constantly scrambling to salvage their relationship from tanking.

I once caught a fish this big! I'd almost cut out the speech bubble and made it about Norris' size. It just never fit in real life though.

Buck recites The Godfather lines to fetal Phedra before the 'wedding' of Trenton.

The Actual First Kiss.

It's a pity it's not better quality. I've upped my graphic settings since then.

I even submitted the top one to a pic contest. I'd captioned it: Whoever said Romance was dead was wrong. It's not dead. It's just TERRIFIED OF CLOWNS.
It made me laugh at least.

Another of Buck's phobias: Writing! I lost this save. That was Cyrus as a baby. My story was drastically altered since I lost that save. I'm so glad.


Helen was not impressed with the cheap shower I had to get them so they could afford a larger house.

What Helen's undies really do to Buck:

Cyrus brought home a friend, Owen Somebody-or-other. He talked with Cyrus for a little bit before Phedra grabbed him. So Owen speaks nicely of Cyrus to Phedra. Cyrus gets a positive relationship thingy above his head.

Phedra thinks that's crap. Seriously? You like Cyrus?
Cyrus gets a negative relationship thingy above his head. It.Was.So.Funny. The love/hate relationship they had was easy to write since they really are like that.

Potty Training Routing Oopsie

You're not a vampire, Helen. These two Woohoo! more than any other sim couple I've ever had. Really. Most of the scenes where both of them are missing they are most likely in their room going at it over and over and over. It's crazy. If I leave them alone to go follow someone else in town I'm guaranteed to hear the music at LEAST twice.

What Buck really thinks of the cake smooshed into Layla's butt.

Layla pre-CAS

lol Helen

Um... Uh... Yup... That happened.

Did... Did I do that? Really? Me?

I play a LOT in previous saves to get shots I need and to set things up the way I want them.

I'm also not a fan of the birthday between YA and Adult. It's pointless. Their face matures a BIT but that's it. So I most likely won't show it in the story.
However, Buck has custom hair. And twice now I've been playing in alternate saves long enough that he'd age up on me. So EA takes off his custom hair and gives him female hair.

This is the freak out that happens when he learns his hair is longer than his wife's. Also, this time he has bangs. LOL

I had let the officer free-roam while I was shooting in the jail. This made me laaaaaaugh when I spotted it! I was working on posing others and he had decided that he didn't want to play on the computer as I had directed him to anymore. I looked up when I heard the door to the jail cell close. He just sat there and stared at Red. It was almost like he couldn't figure out what on earth was making her so still...

Cyrus had decided that he was a little bit bored with my continual fiddling as I posed him for this. It was like 3 am in game when I did it to get the light outside the windows right. So I don't blame him for being impatient with me. lol

This was before I got rid of wild horses in town. This is WHY I got rid of wild horses in town.
And it's SO nice to know that her kids aren't the only ones who blame Helen.

It wasn't until I spotted this that I even knew I had a gnome. WTH? I get a new laundry gnome at least once a week. The dog gnome? sure I get why I have it. But where did this gnome come from? or did he just appear here simply to die? This is really what goes through my head all the time.

Mick's Master Karaoke. Now featuring a genuine Weather Stone in the parking lot!
When I moved them all to Riverview it happened there too.

What the twins thought of Phedra's homework obsession:
Galen thinks she needs to run off her agression.

Layla thinks she needs to chill out on her island.
Anyone around Phedra is constantly talking about islands. All the time. It's easy to get those shots because she seems to invite it.

Trying to narrow down what was wrong with my game I took out half my CC, which included Buck's hair. This is what the game did to him. I get the different style, but why change the custom color? For the record, it did the same to Layla and Phedra. I won't embarrass them by showing those pics. Also, I kind of like Helen with those bright red lips.

Debug Enabler to the rescue! But not until I've had some fun watching her skate like this for a little while.

Move:up didn't fix the invisible outfit though. Oh well. It still made a fun little scene.

Phedra is SO.HAPPY to finally get all that hair out of her face! Also, enough with the millions of layers of clothes she hid behind. This was at her actual age up. I fiddled with CAS for hours with her to get her to look just right. So, no. In her age up chapter I did not just use MC to age her up. I did it the hard way. lol. And it shows.

Helen decides to show us her silly side.

What Buck really thinks of Helen getting old. L O L.

Uhhhh... Since when is this considered "Party Wear?" But then I guess that depends on your definition of Party.
At least Arden and Galen seem to be ok with it.

Bless Laurel Grisby. Usually I redo her and her families looks, but I knew I'd be in Riverview for a relatively short time, so I left her alone. And of course she crashed Galen's party.

Here, she's about to sneeze.
Imagine sneezing with that schnoz.
That's gotta hurt.