Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tibi's Prom

So, I love what happened at Tibi's prom as it solved quite a few problems for me. For starters, since I'm jerking around her family a lot I really want her to get a happy ending. The moment she aged up to teen I sent her off to the Matchmaker at the Spa to see what was up, careful to check her gender preference before I sent her. Seeing that she's straight, I went ahead and set it for her to look for a male match. Nothing. Each and every score came up zero. So I checked the female list (since her male number was 8, and her female number was -4. Might as well right?) And again it was 0 for everyone in town. So I just kind of shrugged it off and figured she'd figure it out on her own in school where she's got plenty of friends. Then a few days before Prom our best friend Emily invites Tibi. I'm thinking "That's So Cool! Bestie's to the rescue!" Since Emily is dating Henry (His age is not what it appears in this chapter, he actually aged up a bit ago, but Layla didn't know that so we're leaving it that way) I thought of it only as friends. But once they got to prom together SP wasted not a moment in hooking them up. When I checked Emily's gender preferences she's got the numbers to be Bisexual, but her preference was for women instead of men. And by the end of prom? Tibi's numbers had changed quite a bit. As it gives her happy little moodlets and ensures she'll be happy out of the house I just had to keep it.

They're so cute!