Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chapter 2.32- Deleted Scene

 I had this in right after Layla is in her room looking out at the snow (To show the unseemly amount of flowers she has accumulated in there) and thinking of Helen. But the chapter is long and a little unwieldy as it is so it came out. It's not important but it makes me sad cutting it since it has a shot of the blue moon by Misty and a shot also of the purple lights on the house for Tibi. So it's here so that I can still show it all off. Sorry it's out so far behind the chapter it goes with. Life and all that.


          “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Tiburcia had stuck her tongue out as far as she could without hurting herself.

          “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” louder this time, as though the snowflakes drifting down would be more likely to drop onto her tongue if she were noisier.

          “Really, Tiburcia,” sighing wearily, Layla chided the girl.




          “Come on, dad! Flip the switch!” Tiburcia yelled, clapping her hands and stomping her feet against the cold.

          Rubbing her neck, Layla sighed heavily again. It had taken the adults all day to string up the lights the girl had picked. And Layla had been extra tired and sore all week. She blamed it on all the extra time she’d had to take tramping around town to find pretties hidden beneath the snow. Snow made everything a lot more difficult. How did her mom and dad make playing in the snow with their kids look so easy? She’d have to call her mom later to ask. It would flatter Helen.




          At last the house was bathed in pink light as Ignacio finally made it to the fuse box and flipped the switch.

          “Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssss!!! It’s wonderful! It’s perfect! I love it I love it I love it!” Tiburcia jumped up and down nearly knocking Layla over. “Sorry, mom.”

          Smiling broadly, she hugged the little girl.

          “It’s alright,” she told her. And really, it was. That reaction made all the extra work worth it.