Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chapter 2.30 outtakes

I love the look on everyone's face. They're crowding closer and looking at each other warily. It was almost as if they all expected a melee to break out over the cake.

Layla is seriously concerned about Shad here. It seems popping your knuckles really grosses her out. Ha! It also took this pic to realize that Lottie and Shad's hair is the exact same color. I'll have to fix that next time I'm in since I'm fairly sure they aren't related.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chapter 2.28 Outtakes

I had both Sally and Layla on OMSPs on the bed to pose them. Unfortunately, the Mourn interaction breaks in between poses. So each time I'd go to change someones pose I had to wait for someone to get finished with a cry. Take a peek:



"My Mother is Dead!!! I'll never be happy again!"

*sniffsniff. "No, no cruel world! You will not overcome me! I will be alright. One day."
"Oh wait. You wanted me to do what? Pose? Really? Oh. Okay."

"Holy crap! You let my Mom Die!!! " (I did, I finally turned aging back on for her. I'd turned it off since she's not in the house. Buck's time is approaching too. Be prepared.)
"I shall overcome. I shall move on and be happy, if the damn simmess would ever let me that is."
And so forth. I love my girls but they were so emotional/hormonal it influenced a lot of what ended up happening.