Thursday, October 31, 2013

Buck's run in with Kaity Mattell

Have you read The Mattell Family Challenge? If you haven't you should. A few chapters ago Buck got a cameo appearance as out of character as could be and it was awesome!

She gave him a new outfit and hairstyle and a new attitude to boot. Then... she slapped him. Ha! So this is my commemorative image so I'll never forget just how awesome Buck really is!

Sorry this is a little behind getting published, but I'm a little behind. Ha!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bloopers for Chapter 2.41

I have a lot more giggle shots saved up, but instead of bombarding you all I weeded through them and decided these are the best. Enjoy.
While trying to get a through the crowd shot of Ignacio and Raul so that I could show that Layla has made things up with Cyrus I paused and got a shot I absolutely did NOT expect. It's completely unusable due to the funny. Check it out:

Cyrus. Oh Cyrus. You big old goob. And see those laugh lines? He's aged up to Adult. :(

It's not funny anymore Cyrus. Now it's just disturbing. What is that face all about anyway?


"What about art? It's awesome! Two thumbs up!"

"The happy is all like, BAM! In your face! I'm a clown! Happy!"

"You get it? You rock it? Yeah!"
 After such a very theatrical set of facials and bodily expression I had to check to see what was going on. This is the "Give inspirational speech" interaction it seems. O_O

Behind him Lottie is totally wanting to steal some of the gems still left lying around.

Ignacio feels it's more appropriate to point and laugh at his daughter while she gets ready to age up.

Poor Tibi. Maybe she remembered what happened at her own party, but she cried over that cake. Bawled. Bless her. (It was the negative check out new object interaction)

"Mommy??? Why you blow out My candles?"

Pose testing booboo. Igancio is all worried about what Layla is doing inside of him, fighting to get out.

Let's hope Mariah looks better than this shall we?

Angry Mariah and Portents of things to come.

Cyrus was really upset that he didn't get any cake. Chick on the left is He and Olivia's oldest daughter Corinne. She's so pretty, and how I finally figured out my genetics settings in SP were right where I wanted them.

10 sim minutes later and he's still sad over not getting any cake. BTW- he and Ignacio? Enemies. They do NOT get along.

Like father, like daughter. Shaka Bra!