Monday, January 27, 2014

Chapter 2.47- Behind the Scenes

Because I refuse to purposely kill my sims off and break the rules. My OCD just won't let me.

We'll start with Layla aging to Adult.
Yup. Over in the corner laughing that entire scene was her loving husband. :/

Layla actually walked off to go and recycle some newspapers. I just decided to go with it since she's such an absent parent for Mariah.

The new school lot for Appaloosa Pains since I was sick and tired of that monstrosity combo that was here. Poor Mariah gets to make that long walk up to those doors all alone.

Guess who else had a birthday?

Ignacio- I have a bad feeling about this Mi Llamita!

Ignacio- Awwwwww. See? This blows.
Layla- BWAAAAAAAhahahahahahaha!!!

Ignacio- There we go! That's better! I can really scare off any guys who come after my little girl now!

Again, I hadn't intended to shoot this birthday, but Roger and Layla autonomously positioned themselves perfectly.

And the rest of the guests managed to give me ample room without having to pick up anyone in buy mode. That's Cyrus on the left.

Nalleli- I just need to walk over here. Don't mind me.

What do you have against sweet little Roger, Nalleli?

She then proceeded to assist Cyrus in making sure we didn't see Tibi any more at this party.

In the spirit of the upcoming Olympics, Roger and Mariah would like to present: Synchronized Birthday Cheering!
Katie-Isn't it exciting! The first event of the evening and it's almost like they're doing it without any coaching! Just look at that enthusiasm!
Matt-I don't know though Katie. I think if Roger isn't careful he's going to get ahead of his Cheering partner Mariah there.

Katie- You might be right Matt, but look at them pull together here!
Matt- Much tighter. The judges will like that.

Katie- According to their mothers they've been practicing this together for weeks now!
Matt- And it shows! It takes a lot of practice to even blink at the exact same moment. It even looks like her uncle Galen is enthralled at their precision!

Katie- Oooh! Tough break! Looks like Roger's hands aren't quite as high as Mariah's.
Matt- The judges won't like that.

Kaity- What a routine!
Matt- And the judges agree! 8.5's across the board!

Alright I'm done with that now.

Why, EA? Why? Why can she not gain weight gradually?

And this is where Cyrus' heart was broken. Sorry for walls down shot. But don't feel too badly for him, he was engaged and married again the very next day. Then she died. The next day he got engaged again. And SHE died. Now you can feel bad for him.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

RIP Phedra

Yeah, you know I didn't actually kill her. She had two tiny little -kids at home and Henry was barely a teen. I may like sim torture, but not like that. I actually have a hard time killing off the ones I love.

So Long. Farewell. You were much loved my dear.

Phedra (Pink)Dean- January 9th, 2012 until January 18th, 2013. She was preceded in death by her husband George Dean, and her mother Helen (Blue)Sixkiller. Phedra Dean is survived by her three sons- Henry and his wife Tiburcia, Edward, and Lee; by her brothers: Cyrus Pink-Imaga and Galen Sixkiller; and by her sister Layla Guerra, and 4 nieces. Funeral arrangements are being handled by The Jolina Family Mausoleum in Appaloosa Plains. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Makin' Wind

This isn't a Sixkillers' blooper, it took place in another save. But it's too awesome not to share. In this other save I'd bought the family Bonehilda to save me time while I ran this particular family into the ground (No, this is not my Wishacy. They just also happen to have Bonehilda.) I also had bought this family lots of luxury items which a very bored, skeletal maid decided to take advantage of one day. The results are priceless. Take it away Boney!

If I concentrate on pushing all that wind out of my empty ribcage maybe I, too, can see what all the fuss is about.
*hic! *gasp! I did it!
What are you lookin' at?