Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chapter 2.43 bloopers

A few bloopers to tide us all over as I work like mad to get things ready for the next chapter.

Ottawa and Ignacio's chosen convo spot made a lot of people really mad. Seems the sink was dirty and about half the people in the house were desperate to clean it. First one to throw a tantrum was poor little Roger. Pay attention to Roger. He's going to be around a lot. I luvs him.

Then Kristine (You don't have to pay her any actual attention. This will most likely be the only time we ever see her.) comes and pulls such a high pitched whine that Ottawa feels the need to mock her.

In the end Roger, Kristine, Raul, Lottie, Roosevelt, JJ, and Benji (JJ and Benji are Sally and Ottawa's other two boys) all threw routing tantrums in the background of the pics. I loled.

Then Sally started to throw a fit on me. It's about 10pm sims time, and since I'm just in this particular world to shoot I just used maxmotives on everyone and went about my business. Sally, however, was determined that it was her bedtime and nothing would keep her from going to bed. When I forced her to stay and be social for a final shoot she took it out on Layla.

"It's all because YOU are here that I'm not allowed to go to bed! It's my bedtime dammit! And it's MY house!"

"Oh, get over yourself bitch. All you have to do is sit there and talk to me. PFFfft. And it's only your house because my dad ran out. Otherwise this would be MY house."

Sally then stews on this info. Muttering and grumbling.

Ottawa- Geez. What did YOU do?
Layla- I'm simply the star she wishes she could be.
Sally- *grumbling mumbling*

Sally- MY house. MY BED! MY BEDTIME!
Ottawa- You should probably leave her alone. Really. I've seen her in these rages before. She's scary!
Layla- Oh pish. I can show you scary.

Sally- I'm tired! Leave me alone!
Layla- Suck it up.
Sally- I'll hurt you! Just watch!
Layla- You and what thought bubble? I've got 20 pounds on you. Bring it on.

Ottawa- Quit egging her on! You have no idea what she's capable of! And when you all leave she'll just take it out on me!
Sally- *steam pouring from ears. *flame shooting out of nostrils. Shut.Up.Ottawa!
Layla- Oh. I see what you mean. Guess we'll go now so you can deal with her.

I've never seen a sim looks so angry before! It was awesome. Love you Sally dear!

Evil Raul

So in game Raul was really mostly harmless. But when it came to the big parties (and the shooting scene) I needed to stage I decided to take Raul and a few other families and porter them to an empty AP where I could turn off weather and SP and anything else and use it purely for shooting those scenes. Almost the moment I get everyone settled I get this pop up:

If you can't read it, it says Enemies of Raul Guerra beware. There are dark tidings emanating from Raul's home, something might be brewing!

And then Layla gives me face. Great face. It's so awesome when the game decides my currently story line is really the way to go.

Derp Layla

Derp Layla. This was when she was trying to figure out which kid was which. She was so stressed by all the people around her eye had a nervous twitch, just like mine. lol