Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chapter 2.50 Outtakes

In the first few shots back in Tibi's old room you'll see a table with a chart on it and some pics and papers. That's an item from Uni that did NOT want to cooperate with me. I'm sure it was just me being totally stupid but it refused to stay open for me to get it up there for shots. Finally, I decided to just let MOO come to the rescue! Along with Ignacio's help of course.

 So here is poor Ignacio 'working on a presentation' so I could have the table all opened up like I wanted.

"It's so cold out here and mind numbing doin' this over an' over! I wan' to gnaw my ARM off!"

"Jus' Kiddin'! I'll do anythin' to help my Baby Girl."
Of course you will Iggy. Of course you will. Just, uhm, be sure to put something on that paper cut on your arm. That looks pretty wicked.