Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chapter 2.27 bloopers


Animation bork on Layla. As a brooding sim she only cries about half the time for Helen's death. The rest of the time she broods. And this is always how it starts.

Now, me? I'd find that eyeball position rather headache inducing.

Not to mention that arm placement rather painful. I mean, really? How do you get that kind of clipping? It's like her nipple grew an arm!

Want a better shot?

At least it's her underboob in this shot.

Ignacio tries to figure out what came first, the boob or the arm.

Practicing for when Zombie Phedra Attacks again.

Or Spooky Day. She could give the trick or treaters something to think about at least.
As an explanation on where she is in these shots: I actually moved them in to what I hope will be the legacy house at night since I wanted them in first thing in the morning for shooting. So they slept at that house before it was redecorated and she got these fun animation screw ups then.

Oddly enough, it took three tries at Helen's death (in an Alternate save! She really is dead yo) before Layla cried like I wanted her to. Really. At one point I played through the duration of the mourning moodlet and she only cried once that time. She's probably too immature to really mourn anyway, but still.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

This, officially, is one of my favorite oopsies ever. Really. Just to clarify: I had her posed and when I released her this is what she did. She's never done it before, but there's always a first time for everything.

(Eyes Shut tight) Layla:
Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.
Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.
Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.
Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.
Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.

Open, them slowly. Slowly. Did it work? I don't feel any different.

Nalleli told me this would work. Wonder what I did wrong?

Maybe I didn't say it fast enough. Was I not relaxed enough? Surely not.

Wait a second. My toes aren't touching the ground. My toes aren't touching the ground?

And is that the desk? Wait a second. I didn't do it right, did I? Shit. *Thump!

Like I said. Greatest Oopsie ever. Told it's own story even. If you don't know what 'Light as a feather stiff as a board' is, Here is a link that is mildly helpful. When we did it as teens it was quite different and there were several times we managed to get our friends up on the ceiling. Just don't tell Mommy Dearest. ;)

Legacy Home Photos

Alright, as I know that Gemma is going to be Dying to know what's behind each and every door so she can better visualize where my sims are in story (and because this took me a lot of work. I know it's not luxury like I'd envision luxury (sleek and modern) but that's not Layla's style. She kind of likes all the curley cues and spirals and scrolls and the details. Though we did find a compromise in the bold colors I chose to make the photo backgrounds pop. I do like those. There are not before shots. If you want before shots, open up AP and go peek at the house and barn yourself. It's a two bedroom two bathroom affair and the barn isn't attached, or two story on Pomona Promenade. The Rancheroo I think it's called? Maybe? Anyway, screw it. It's the Sixkiller family abode for now!

Let's start with the North wing and work our way around the L shaped house that way. So our first stop is the Master Suite:

Yeah. That just has to be what they're doing while I'm trying to get early morning lighting in the pics. Of course.

Anyhow, the Master Bedroom misses out on the Luxury goal because of the desk. But the desk with the most +s was incredibly modern and fit nothing else. And I really need that desk right there for alter on. And the drawers. Need them.

From the wall we just looked at. The door on the left leads to the Great Room. And if anyone out there knows of an override to get rid of the stencil on that wardrobe please let me know. Those roses drive me kind of nuts. Actually, that entire Rococo wanna be mess drives me nuts. Blah.

Anyway, let's take the door on the right, shall we?

Barrell Roll! Let's try again

Okay, it's a lavatory. The lighting has since been fixed so the makeup case isn't glowing like that. Oh look! Another door! (On the right) We'll take that to go into my favorite room:

The Master Bath. Creepy bathtime watcher not included. And the height of the blue painting has been fixed *facepalm. I thought I did all that before the picture taking. Sorry.

Oh! When Aunt Estella discovers there is a room in this house where nudity is not just might happen, but is encouraged and there's a window with no curtains or frosted glass!!! Oh my! Oh well. Pretend it's frosted like I am. lol

If you were to go out of the door on the left in the Master Bedroom, this is what you'd find on the RIGHT when you left it. (Layout shot later so it won't be so confusing.) Ignore the jubilant gnome doing cartwheels for the gratification of the insects buzzing around in that thingy over in the corner.

But to straighten our barings out a little, lets pretend we came in the front door (as we still work our way around the L)

Then that's your first view. A nice little pile of gems that mean I get a burglar like every other night. Really. Eventually I'm going to do a montage. When the time is right. It'll happen.
Oh look! Archways. Lets go look at the redone kitchen.

Nothing special. It's just really nice on routing is all. Back out the archways!

I know there is a fix for Mag's door out there (it's the door that came with it and I was lazy and didn't want to change it.) and I need to get it. So ignore the blue line at the top of the door where the  wall clips through.

Right Face! Forward March!

There is nothing out that door right now. Eventually I'll stick a grill out there or something, but again. Another unfixed Mag's door. The little bump on the left is the housebath.

Barrell Roll! And we're standing in the wall somehow too. Ha! Out the door and to the left now!

A sitting room and a place to display all of Layla's tchotchkes. There are a few prom photos up on a table as well. The door on the left goes to what is the garage. Though they have no cars. So really it's a big empty room that has the laundry stuffs in it. lol

Standing at the stairway looking around. The cabinet is really empty looking. As soon as Layla gets a break from being my story bitch she's got to go pick up some more clutter to fill this room.

The prom photos are on that table in no particular order. The one on the right is Helen's prom photo, on the left is Galen and Arden. The one on the wall is Phedra. The lighting has been fixed in that room too so the fake topiary isn't glowing. And yes it's night in this pic. This room was done and I forgot to get a photo with the morning light.

Up the stairs! Up the stairs! Don't worry. We're almost through. I lost imagination about here.

See? Lost imagination. Completely blank slate for when I finally get an idea. Though we'll peek in two of these doors. The one on the far right first.

That bathroom looks like it's been hosed down in Pepto Bismol. Sorry for all the differing shades of pink. As I said, at this point I just couldn't be bothered anymore. lol

Though I made an attempt on Tibi's room at least. I couldn't resist. There are no toys because there is a part of the upstairs where they hang out. You'll see it in the layout shots if you're still brave and sticking around.

Upstairs Layout shot first, just because we've been there done that most recently:

See? Tibi has toys and a place to play with them. On the farthest point from Layla's room as possible.

In the grand scheme of things, where the upstairs is.
The house laid out. And there those two are at it again in the kitchen. Geez. And yet these two have nothing, Nothing, on Buck and Helen. Really.