Friday, October 31, 2014

Generation 3 house redo!

Yuuuup. It's another house post. It's here so I don't bore the people who figure they'll see it as the story progresses or who could care less. lol. Mariah and I actually fought super hard over this redo. I agreed the house needed a new look. I did not agree that we needed to go to 1988 Avon Saleslady on the house. (reference: My most lovely and adored Aunt Shirley.) Anything else I suggested was shot to hell until we got to the kids stuff. She let me have free rein there.

There was a complete overhaul of the exterior too. It was necessary. That angled entrance screwed with EA routing in ways I couldn't even fathom. Come to think of it, I don't think they could imagine the strange errors and borks it caused either. lol. The old wooden rail fencing is staying. It has a purpose later on. ;)

They have actual garage doors in a garage now, instead of having the barn door that no one could open and having the cars magically pop into the barn. For those keeping tally the current garage was Layla and Ignacio's room.

If you enter through the garage this is your view. Originally the center with the dining table was a seating area. The desk on the right was in what was the way too small dining room.

The old dining room. The bit of roof sticking through the ceiling has been fixed, I was just too lazy to reshoot.

The redone kitchen. Beg pardon for not cleaning out the fridge prior to shooting/redoing the house.

Looking at the front door from the kitchen.

I caved and got Mariah a tv. Helen would kill me.

The way overused Living Room. Yes, the gems are all still glittering on the shelf to the left. And speaking of 'on the left' there used to be the door to the garage over there. Now it's a hallway to get to the Master suite which is where we'll head now.

Just to see this. lol. Uh, it's a lot of nothing. A big open area with future designs but not much use currently. You can't see it, but on the right is the door that leads to a 'utility' room that leads to the laundry room and the staircase to get to the basement dungeon that holds Ignacio's fish. The door directly ahead is Mariah's, the door to the left leads to the newly created yard that didn't used to exist.

As you enter Mariah's room. *coughGAG*cough. lol Don't get me wrong, I love pastel green. I went through that phase as a tween, right before heading for all black all the time, but this is just... Oy. Anyway, I will admit to a love for the bed. I want that bed IRL. In a totally different color, of course.

The other side. WOoo! Exciting. I'm not showing the bathroom because it's just that dull.

Going up the stairs is the same set of doors that were here before. We'll go in the door on the far left first.

Dove's nursery is still just as Layla decorated it. Only the dimensions are different and it's rearranged. Also, ignore the two different window styles. I forgot to change two of them, sue me.

Oh look! Roger is still here because I had just finished shooting when I took this! Or, well, shooting the previous chapter was the last thing that happened before I started the redesign. Anyway, I love this nursery. I'll probably stick a crib in here for baby girl as well.

Coming out of Ceeven's room I turned the balcony required for that damned barn door into a play area for the tots. Dove's child room is Mariah's old room. We'll take a turn left first to see the study area before going in there.

The study area will be changing SINCE I HAVE TO ADD AN EXTRA DESK THANKSVIVIAYOUTOTALLYMESSEDMEUP. I'll also be changing up some of the stuff on the walls. But yeah, there it is for now. Now to Dove's room.

Dove's room. I need to change the bed a little to get the colors to match better, but this is pretty much it. That wall sticking out on the right is a little lavatory.

Other side of Dove's room. The dinosaur by the door was another booboo. He was pulled out and stuck there waiting for his turn to be placed and CASted and I forgots about him. Now he's there to be ironic. lol

For those of you totally confused by that tour, here's the upstairs layout.
Downstairs on the eastern side of the house. (In my head there's a compass, ignore me.) The laundry room is the dark room at the top on the right.
And then the rest of the downstairs minus the garage.

So there you have it. It feels a lot more like generation 3 now with the house changed up and all and I can get behind it to a degree, and that's alright.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Infant Dove

 Infant Dove didn't make it into the story. Let's face it, we've all seen Larva and the 4 interactions that go with the Larva over and over. It wasn't relevant and so got scrapped. Just in case anyone is wondering though, Mariah is a good mommy most of the time.

 Aw. So sweet. And, as mentioned, Roger really is good with Dove also. When duty calls, he will autonomously take care of her. (Ignore the walls down!)

Sleepy Mariah ignores the baby monitor going haywire right next to her head.

Thankfully, Roger is there to step up and keep Dove from taking a trip with a social worker. Yikes.

 Then again, perhaps Roger is there to frighten poor Dove to death. She certainly looks incredibly worried there.
 That is an infantile look of pure terror.

So there you go. Dove as a larva did exist.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 

Of course, while Roger is in the Sixkiller house he does more than take care of Dove and get stuck in end tables with questionable metallic fetishes (Sorry, this reference will be up on Tumblr later this week,) he also

Plays in puddles. <3 Roger.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Dove loves to explore outside. The holes Grandma Layla left behind are especially enticing.
See? I found a Gate! Fascinating!

She's so stinkin' cute!!! I love her. <3

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Sixkillers' secret dungeon

Bet you didn't know that there was a basement in the Sixkiller house did 'ya?

Under the garage is a basement where I keep the 13 perfect fish Ignacio caught to complete his LTW. Here's Mariah keeping them alive. I'm kinda wanting to see how long they can be kept alive. Either that or I'll be turning the basement into a secret dungeon. Mwua-ha-ha.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Layla's legacy

I haven't put any thing up here in a while, and figured we needed some Author commentary regarding what is going on in game.
Despite no need or rolls for it Mariah keeps up with the garden Layla planted so long ago.

Since I refuse to give my sims a tv (hoping they will socialize with each other instead) it's something to do for her. Green Funk optional. :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chapter 2.50 Outtakes

In the first few shots back in Tibi's old room you'll see a table with a chart on it and some pics and papers. That's an item from Uni that did NOT want to cooperate with me. I'm sure it was just me being totally stupid but it refused to stay open for me to get it up there for shots. Finally, I decided to just let MOO come to the rescue! Along with Ignacio's help of course.

 So here is poor Ignacio 'working on a presentation' so I could have the table all opened up like I wanted.

"It's so cold out here and mind numbing doin' this over an' over! I wan' to gnaw my ARM off!"

"Jus' Kiddin'! I'll do anythin' to help my Baby Girl."
Of course you will Iggy. Of course you will. Just, uhm, be sure to put something on that paper cut on your arm. That looks pretty wicked.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Chapter 2.47- Behind the Scenes

Because I refuse to purposely kill my sims off and break the rules. My OCD just won't let me.

We'll start with Layla aging to Adult.
Yup. Over in the corner laughing that entire scene was her loving husband. :/

Layla actually walked off to go and recycle some newspapers. I just decided to go with it since she's such an absent parent for Mariah.

The new school lot for Appaloosa Pains since I was sick and tired of that monstrosity combo that was here. Poor Mariah gets to make that long walk up to those doors all alone.

Guess who else had a birthday?

Ignacio- I have a bad feeling about this Mi Llamita!

Ignacio- Awwwwww. See? This blows.
Layla- BWAAAAAAAhahahahahahaha!!!

Ignacio- There we go! That's better! I can really scare off any guys who come after my little girl now!

Again, I hadn't intended to shoot this birthday, but Roger and Layla autonomously positioned themselves perfectly.

And the rest of the guests managed to give me ample room without having to pick up anyone in buy mode. That's Cyrus on the left.

Nalleli- I just need to walk over here. Don't mind me.

What do you have against sweet little Roger, Nalleli?

She then proceeded to assist Cyrus in making sure we didn't see Tibi any more at this party.

In the spirit of the upcoming Olympics, Roger and Mariah would like to present: Synchronized Birthday Cheering!
Katie-Isn't it exciting! The first event of the evening and it's almost like they're doing it without any coaching! Just look at that enthusiasm!
Matt-I don't know though Katie. I think if Roger isn't careful he's going to get ahead of his Cheering partner Mariah there.

Katie- You might be right Matt, but look at them pull together here!
Matt- Much tighter. The judges will like that.

Katie- According to their mothers they've been practicing this together for weeks now!
Matt- And it shows! It takes a lot of practice to even blink at the exact same moment. It even looks like her uncle Galen is enthralled at their precision!

Katie- Oooh! Tough break! Looks like Roger's hands aren't quite as high as Mariah's.
Matt- The judges won't like that.

Kaity- What a routine!
Matt- And the judges agree! 8.5's across the board!

Alright I'm done with that now.

Why, EA? Why? Why can she not gain weight gradually?

And this is where Cyrus' heart was broken. Sorry for walls down shot. But don't feel too badly for him, he was engaged and married again the very next day. Then she died. The next day he got engaged again. And SHE died. Now you can feel bad for him.