Friday, May 31, 2013

2.24 Bloopers and Outtakes

Ignacio's morning routine the first morning I have him living in the house went something like this. So, what exactly came first? The chicken or the egg?

The Chicken???

Or the Egg??? This took up almost 2 sim hours of his time. O_O. Time to pump up those LTR points and get a trait taken off of that list I see. Oh yeah, he has the brooding trait right now. That will change. I don't know if I can handle two brooding sims in the same house. It also doesn't fit his personality at all. So random.

Teaching Tibi to talk was a lot of fun to watch. She's all about drama!

She wants a cell phone!

It's like she's all ready to become a teenager. Ignacio was not impressed by this. However, he wasn't impressed with the next one either and I laughed so hard at it.

Wanna know why this was so funny?

That's why. It was so fitting. Layla's on the phone with Ned Nickerson Hale, Ignacio's filthy rich enemy in game, while his daughter expounds on the subject of money. lol Love my pixel babies. (Oh yeah, I based Ned off of Nancy Drew's goody goody boyfriend.)

Or course Tibi was at the party.

Baby Book ends! All the rage now in game.


Oh look! We can see Nalleli's face!
Father and son dressed alike. If only the game hadn't been acting so meanly to me That could have been fixed. Oh well.
No Layla! No! That's Ignacio's dad! Stop that!
So I direct Ignacio over there, where he throws a routing tantrum, and Layla takes matters into her own hands while I try to get Iggy back on track. No.Layla.No. Nalleli is not impressed by their behavior. And why is it Layla autonomously does a flirty interaction to the person I don't want her doing it to? Crazy sim.
Sabria thinks they're just making themselves look like clowns.
When it doesn't look like her son is going to intervene she attempts using telepathy to get Layla to back away from her husband.
Discovering that it's not working and Ignacio is powerless to intervene with something off with the routing:
She switches to attempting to make Santiago behave through her Mind Tricks. lol
Why Ignacio was really shaking Raul's hand. Mind Meld. lol. Love the look on Raul's face.
This is Layla's actual reaction to when Nalleli asked her if they were going to get married. "Only after I get a pool. Priorities you know."
It seems that was the right answer.
Benni Bedlington is not impressed with the party. Layla asks Nalleli when she's going to die.
And meanwhile Raul is worried about Iggy dying. Lots of death talk this party.
In the overcrowded bathroom Santiago thinks he's such a fly on the wall. You don't blend in, sir.
Silas' formal outfit. I so wish my game would have behaved so I could have opened CAS the million times it needed to be opened.
He just stood there doing his creepy stare at Layla. Creepy...
Yeah. That's the face you want memories of Layla. Awesome. Get a pic of that honey.
And Sally as a YA. It's still very much Sally. I'd offer her up for download, but I'm kind of scared I might have saved her while she is preggers. So I'll save her again when I know for sure she's not.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Gardening argument

I wish I could have found a way to work these in somehow, but there just wasn't a way. It looks like Layla and Sabria are arguing about gardening, and for whatever reason Ignacio is convinced that they need to be gardening by the light of the moon. Of course. Take a look:

They all started right at the same time. Synchronized arguing sims style.

Look at all the angry eyes up there! Wow. And let me tell you something, Sabria is scary looking when she's pulling angry face.

Then they all suddenly got all whiney about their topic. "No-Listen to me!"

And as quickly as it started, it stopped. Poor Layla wouldn't look at the other two. I laughed like anything. Every one of them playing to type exactly like I want. Love them all.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Chapter 2.18 outtakes

Sally is So Exited! She thinks she hears Wedding bells!

So just who does she think those Wedding bells are for?

Who else? And Layla is totally oblivious. Lol. I figured it was just the animation for 'excited engaged' but she kept staring at Layla while she did it. And no, Layla is not engaged to anyone.
Now then, for the real makeover Sally gave Layla:
Sally made Layla cry.
To be fair, I don't blame her. I wouldn't want to look like I got my clothes from a 70's circus cast off bin either.

Even after her regular clothes had been restored she still couldn't quite meet Sally's eye. Poor thing.

Ignacio's brother Raul totally decided to get in on the action. I've got to fix his hair and I forget every time I'm in game. Oh well. But anyhow, there is one of his siblings walking around town. His sister refuses to show up when I want her to. Maybe we'll see her another time. She's really striking looking.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Barefoot at the Pool

So, wanna guess who that is? I was completely floored by this shot. In fact, I had to go into build/buy and make it daylight in an attempt to see just who it was. Still not able to figure it out I went up to the maptags.

It's NED. I have no idea where that outfit or hair came from. I'd sent Layla to the pool to ask Ned to 'Just be Friends' since I'd found him skinny dipping there using maptags. When I went to take a look I honestly thought Layla had flouted my directions and had found someone else to socialize with. He looks better that way imho.

And for anyone who didn't know, in game, Ned and Ignacio are enemies. Their fight over Layla went nuclear not long after Layla's date with Ned.

Cruz Martingale is now an elder who rocks pigtails. It made me lol.

Fishin' and politics. I've gotten it into Layla's head at last, you Will do what I say!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

WTF Cyrus?

I want to know what Cyrus said to get that look from Phedra SO bad! That is the best WTF? look I've ever had from a sim. You go Phedra! You rock that "Stupid Older Brother Ruining My Life" look girl! Snaps Up!