Saturday, April 27, 2013

Zombie Parties

Cyrus threw a party full moon night. Originally I wasn't going to shoot because of the awful lighting but there were a few things going on that were too good to miss:

Olivia made the most pathetic zombie ever. She's just too sweet.

Everyone but Corinne is a little concerned by Zombie Phedra's appearance.

Layla is a little concerned by the direction this party is taking.

Cyrus, however, thinks the zombie attendance makes his party Rock!

Layla's real opinion of Phedra's state

Zombie Attack!

I love the zombie attack animation. Too funny.

You're so funny Fay!

Phedra, however, is totally not happy that she was unable to scare her sister. She's off to find another victim.

Hey, Olivia? Fail. Worst.Zombie.Ever.
And, uh Cyrus? Got something you'd like to admit darling? Fetishist a little?

Buck meets step-granddaughter Candice. Yay!

Why is there a picture of me over your head?

Somehow I missed Olivia's one and only zombie attack, which she did to Layla. She wandered off in the middle of the attack to woohoo with Cyrus leaving Layla like this until Error Trap reset her a little later.

I have no idea what this was over. None.

I'm guessing this was over his pajamas. But Olivia is in her jammies too and no one laughed or booed at her. I just think it's that ego Layla is cultivating I guess.

Cyrus has a pet snake in his pants. That's where he pulled it from and where he put it when he was done at least. And you thought I meant something naughty. ;)

Kitty thinks needing a fresh diaper is only part of the problem. He thinks she needs a teddy bear.

It's the next day and we have a little problem. They figured out just how much they had in common.

We have so much in common! I'd love to get to know you better!

No says I.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

George and Phedra Dean

So someone wanted to see the man Phedra found and married and I went and found them exactly like the top left shot. Then they proceeded to be all sweet while I watched. I love them.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thigh Love

This dog wants some thigh meat. He sat there and stared at Layla's leg for the longest time. Maybe it's Anthony come back to try again. Ha!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cyrus-The Lost Footage

Lulz. I've had all these wonderful pics sitting on my desktop in a folder for forever. Sometimes I'd go through them and laugh. There's a reason I always pick on Cyrus. He asks for it. Take a look:

Cyrus loves to Party. Loves it. He was forever organizing the family in dancing if I didn't pay close enough attention.

Dance White boy! Dance!

Little young for those type of parties my boy. Best wait for that age up to happen deary.

As I waited for him to age up, (his run away scene was shot about two days before his actual age up. I stuck to the rules even if I didn't show it that way. Story yo.) I ended up sending he and his sisters to the fall festival. He's such a good big brother:

Challenging his two sisters to a competition to see who could bob for the most apples. Phedra, oddly enough, is the one worried about ghosts on Spooky Day.

On your marks, Get Set, GO!

Cyrus comes up first with an apple. Looks like Phedra and Layla are trying to drown themselves.

Cyrus won like 4-3(Layla)-0. He totally gloated. Can you blame him?

Conversing with folkses over at NRaas, the above is actually what crashed that save. Cyrus went through the spooky house and came out with the most brilliant set of moodlets I've ever seen, a witch gnome, and as a ghost. Which I didn't know. I kept trying to force him to come home and he kept hitting an error. Seems GoHere had forced him to take the subway which EA has gated. I finally teleported him home in exasperation where upon I nearly had a heart attack. I never reset him or the subway system, but saved it after the moodlet that made him a ghost expired. I kept getting weird glitches with him, but never connected it to the subway. When I finally reset the subway and Cyrus my game fell to pieces. Twallan has since removed the ability for ghosts to take the subway in an update of GoHere. Anyhow, back to Cyrus' adventures.

Buck has no idea his stepson has come home. He just wants to know why Aardvarks find ants so appetizing. Totally puzzling to Buck.

Wait a second, Wasn't I alone in this room? Did the door just close? Why did I get a memory of seeing a ghost?

Fill in the blanks ladies and gents! We've seen enough pics of Buck passed out, I'm sure you even remember his favorite spot to faint. Poor Buck!

Family Photo!!!

Birthday time! Buck decides that Birthday's mean "Come as you are." This means "terrified" for him. And who can blame him? After all the birthday cake fires in that family? This, btw, is exactly where my game went KABLOOOOOM!

You're not a horse, Cyrus. God that nose. He was such an awkward looking teen.

I love that shot.

Everyone celebrates but Buck, who seems to know what is coming.

Why did EA do that to teens? Really? Why? Why does it cut off their knees and shove the left over stumps of their legs together for that animation? So weird looking.

Helen's practicing how she'll look for when she sees how EA dressed him. Remember the Cyrus teddy bear? Yeah? Brace yourselves.

Underwear for his everyday! And the ridiculously thick eyebrows return! Along with the ponytail!!!

Take it Away Helen!!!

BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! OMG you look like such an idiot, son! You forgot your cape! And your tights! AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

So I attempt to pretty him up a bit and of course he pulls this face. *facepalm. You still need a mirror hon. There is nothing here to justify that.

Anyway, I shoved him out the door the next morning. At that point I was struggling pretty bad with the game so what happened afterward with him is purely speculation, since there were about 10 versions. In about half of the variations, he and Olivia immediately split up. In a quarter of them the two simply dated for a little while. The other quarter had the two marry. This is what happened in the end when I moved them all over to Riverview. I had decided to let SP figure out if Olivia and Cyrus stayed together or split. Well, the moment I turned the two loose in Riverview they got engaged. Helen and Buck were invited to the wedding party where Helen rolled a wish for a grandbaby and to convince Cyrus to Try for a Baby with someone. Why not. So Helen's oldest granddaughter is all her own doing. Also, when she's talking to Layla in the chapter titled "Advice" and the speech bubble shows the pink larva? That was one of the twins who had just been born the day or so prior. Helen was totally talking about her Grandkids the majority of that chapter in game.

Also, the game had him going to the gym a lot lately in Appaloosa Plains. Thank God. Because he looks Sooooo much better all muscular like that. Not nearly so lanky. It also makes his neck match his head better, and makes his nose not quite so prominent. I also changed his eyebrows. But I can't wait for all to see him with Olivia. They are a striking couple. Makes me all warm and fuzzy.

So there you go. That's what Really happened to Cyrus. ;)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Chatper 2.2 Bloopers

I have no idea why she pulled that face. It looked like she was threatening Sally/Sarah, which, at this stage, is totally out of character. It was funny to me to see her doing it. I love Sally/Sarah.

For like half a sim hour Rosemary just stood there and did this to Layla. Looks like she's about to pull a knife out and lunge at Layla.

Finally, she started flexing her muscles instead of giving Layla the evil eye. I still count her as a threat to Layla's safety and won't let her anywhere near my heir any longer.

Yup! That's totally where I'd make a snowangel too. Right on the cold tile of the bathroom floor. Right before dipping myself in lysol.