Friday, February 19, 2016

3.15 Bloopers and Spot My Sim!

Welcome to the Chapter 3.15 supplementary section!
I know you're all dying to see where your sim was in the crowds, but bloopers first. Because they're funny!

I'm really not used to posing so many sims at once. At first it was a headache, but I found ways to keep the crowd moving while keeping my sanity. Instead of 'pose, painstakingly place, double check, repeat' I ended up posing all of the sims at once and then checking only what I needed for angles. I mean, who cares if Ashton Matthews manages to shove his hand halfway through Claudio Monty's back? No one will see! And to that end I nearly left this one be.

However, between their expressions I just couldn't. It looks like Jack is seriously feeling Taylor's attempts to reach in and massage his still beating heart. Poor hipster Jack. ;)

The next one was another too good to pass up. I had a stock of 58 crowd poses to cycle through to get the reactions I wanted going on in the crowd depending on what was going on. If the crowd member was most likely to have their back or side to the camera there was a greater chance of the sim getting a slightly less appropriate reacion. However, given this sims character in story, this pose had me rolling.
Who would have ever thought solid Bashir could have such a look on his face. Then again, his wife is playing with fire, so... Poor Bashir. <3

Alright, Spot My Sim!
Again, these photos are unedited when applicable so you can see through effects (like bubbles or fire) or just see where in the crowd your sim figured in. Not all sims appeared in all scenes
1.) Taylor Mattell
2.) Dorilys Yat Sen
3.) Odin Sleitinn

(Sims previously named are in the same place.)
1.) Renard Marquel
2.) Bashir Viho

1.) Ildred Maesson
2.) Jack Horner
3.) Claudio Monty
4.) Mia Marquel
5.) Lucky Viho
6.) Taylor Mattell
7.) Bashir Viho
8.) Jack Kahekili
9.) Renard Marquel
10.) Odin Sleitinn
11.)Dorilys Yat Set

1.) Taylor Mattell
2.) Dorilys Yat Set
3.) Renard Marquel
4.) Mia Marquel

1.) Dorilys Yat Sen
2.) Renard Marquel
3.) Mia Marquel
4.) Claudio Monty
5.) Odin Sleitinn
6.) Bashir Viho

1.) Jack Kahekili
2.) Lucky Viho
3.) Bashir Viho
4.) Ashton Matthews
5.) Claudio Monty

1.) Mia Marquel
2.) Ildred Maesson
3.) Taylor Mattell
4.) Jack Horner
5.) Renard Marquel
And unnumbered because I forgot to get a better shot is Dorilys Yat Sen hiding behind Jack even better than Renard is. However, you can see her there in some of the chapter shots.

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